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    Melamine backup board

    White Melamine Backup Board

    White Melamine Wood Backup Board is a board made up of urea formaldehyde or other resin and phenolic resin or wood fiber board made by different process of different types of plate.White Melamine Backup Board is a kind of new type of drilling cushion for small hole. Then it turns to be compound board with solidity surface and stretchy midst core. It can be used for the hole on precise multi-layer circuit board. It’s designed to replace the phenolic backup board in particularespecially for the pinhole aperturemultilayer board and flexible Board.

    Thickness: 2.0,2.5,2.6,2.7mm   ±0.15mm;

    Specification: 37"*49"(940mm*1245mm)41"*49"(1041mm*1245mm), 43"*49"(1092*1245mm);  ±2mm

    Warpage: ≤0.6%;

    Density: 980±30%kg/m3;

    Surface Hardness: 80±5N/mm2(Shores D)



    It’s surface hardness is the same as the phenolic backup board but stabilize dimension and not easy to distort.

    It’s easy to treat with after using and accord with environmental protection standard.



    It is Used in PCB/FPC driling hole.  



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