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    CU Base Copper Clad Laminates

    This kind of copper clad laminate is made of copper clad and copper base by special adhesive under heating pressure.

    Usual size: 300mm x 375mm500mm x 600mm
    -- Better heating radiating
    -- High mechanical strength
    -- Dimensional stability
    -- Good electric magnetic shield
    -- Easily machinery cutting

    Widely used in the fields of audio and power equipmentmodifier and sparker on fire for motorcycletelecommunicationOA, automobilecomputerpower moduleetc.

    Our best quotation and details catalog will be sent to you upon your special requests. Good welcome to touch us by Email or Phone.


    Add:Room 9B, Beijing Building, A6 Garden, Financial & Trading Zone, Haikou, Hainan, P.R.China:570125 Tel: (86-898)66729565 36667880 Fax: (86-898)66729560

    E-mail: sales@sinofuwang.com  technicalhnlscm

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