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    HDI Printed Circuit Board PCB


    HDI Printed Circuit Board PCB 
    1. Resin-plugging PCB 
    2. Impedance:5 single-ended 50ohm,differential 100ohm 

    • General Manufacturing Capability

    Category Description Capability
    File Formats Gerber files- preferred 274-X,274-D,DPF,ODB++
    Drill file X & Y coordinates, with tool sizes included
    Size Max. finished dimensions 580mm x 800mm – Single/ Double-sided
    550mm x 800mm – Multilayer
    Board Thickness Standard 1.6mm ±10%
    Min. Single/ Double-sided:0.2mm ±0.1mm
    4-layer:0.4mm ±0.1mm
    6-layer:0.6mm ±0.1mm
    8-Layer:1.0mm ±0.1mm
    10-layer:1.0mm ±0.12mm
    12-layer:1.2mm ±0.12mm
    32-layer:4.0mm ±0.4mm and above
    Max. 6.3mm ±10%
    Bow and twist < 7/1000
    Copper Outer Cu weight 1oz ~ 10oz
    Weight Inner Cu wight 1/3oz ~ 6oz
    Laminate Materials FR4(High TG,halogen-free),FR5,ISOLA(FR408,370HR),TEFLON,POLYIMIDE,ROGERS(RO4003,RO4350,RO4450),Aluminum plate (Single,Double-sided)
    FR4 Thickness 1.6mm
    High TG FR4 (170 deg C) 1.6mm
    Board Cutting Max. number of layers 32
    Min. thickness for inner layers (Cu thickness are excluded) 0.07mm
    Drilling Min. size 0.1mm
    Max. size 6.0mm 
    Drill Deviation ±0.002” (0.050mm)
    PTH hole tolerance ±0.003” (0.075mm)
    NPTH hole tolerance ±0.002” (0.050mm)
    Angle of Countersink 80°,90°,100°,120°
    Plating Min. hole size 0.0008” 
    Aspect ratio 20
    Etching Trace width tolerance ±20%
    Min. trace width / space (1oz finished Cu weight starting from 1/3oz) 0.003”/ 0.003”(0.08mm)
    Min. trace width / space  (1oz finished Cu weight starting from 1/2oz) 0.004”/ 0.004”(0.1mm)
    Min. trace width / space (2oz finished Cu weight) 0.005”/ 0.005”(0.127mm)
    Min. trace width / space  (3oz finished Cu weight) 0.008”/ 0.008”(0.2mm)
    Min. trace width / space (4oz finished Cu weight) 0.012”/ 0.012” (0.3mm)
    Inner Layers Min. space from drilling to inner pattern 0.1mm
    Min. space from annular ring to inner pattern 0.1mm
    Layer-to-layer registration ±0.003”(0.08mm)
    Solder Mask Color green,light green,matte green,white,extreme white,black,matte black,dark brown,yellow,red,blue,transparent
    Min. solder mask clearance 0.003”
    Thickness 0.0004”
    Silkscreen Color White,black,yellow,red,blue,green
    Min. trace width 0.005”
    Min. size 0.028” / 0.028”
    Electrical Test AOI  Y
    Flying Probe Tester Y
    Controlled Impedance Tolerance ±10%
    Impedance tester Tektronix TDS8200
    Routing End Mills Test ±0.15mm(0.006”)
    CNC Tolerance ±0.15mm(0.006”)
    V-Cut Depth ±0.1mm(0.004”)
    V-cut angle deviation ±0.1mm(0.004”)
    Semi-hole Y
    Surface Finish HASL,HASL pb free,immersion gold,immersion silver,immersion tin,O.S.P (Entek),S/G plating,ENEPIG,G/F plating,carbon…
    Blind and Buried Vias 3+N+3 Y
    Resin,hole-filling ink,PTH Y
    Others UL Cert. Y
    ISO Cert. ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS

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